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new version of GnuWIn32 as of 10/18/08 I want to try out the new wget and getopts commands!

Line counting in Windows

SET /A LINES=0 && FOR /F "usebackq" %L IN (`dir /s/ad/b`) DO @SET /A LINES=!LINES!+1

Will show you a poor excuse for the "wc -l" function.

Screen capture for the Mac. is not a product but a project. It seems much like the windows only "snag it". Jing Project is free until it becomes a real product.

This is another one: for $69 for $20

Operating Systems

Most people still use Windows. A few use a Mac. Fewer still use Linux.

VMWare Fusion does not allow 10.5 OS X to be installed, OS X Server 10.5 can be virtualized. show how to get 10.4.6 installed.

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