Continuous Integration

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Hudson goes to the cloud

Hudson CI is a great tool. Now the people at CloudBees have created a cloud-based solution. As of 11/09/2010 it is in beta and is free. See for more details.

Hudson main page

Where to get hudson:
If you have wget then you can do this:
/usr/local/bin/wget -N --no-check-certificate is a real live Hudson site used by,r=12517/hudson/trunk/hudson/pl... is not working for me because my cvs does not parse the huge string that I am using.

I logged into and review this program. It uses stringBuilder in a wasteful way. in arrayToString it creates a new stringBuilder for each line of the modules list. It should use append instead.

Also, since many CVS clients are old, the servers are old, it is prone to failure in many ways. It should not put the whole module list on one line. It should run cvs rtag for each module individually. Still, it still just use one stringBuilder object.

"Luntbuild is a powerful build automation and management tool."

Update: is the latest release of Luntbuild. Just download the installer jar: and then run it via:
java -jar java -jar /luntbuild-1.6.0-installer.jar
If you develop software, you should use Luntbuild. It has more features then most other open source building tools. is the main page. It is not the most reliable site, being a project you can get it here as well: .

There is no silver bullet to solving a bad build process. But Luntbuild allows multiple users each with a separate viewing options. So, you can communicate with your customers and bosses about the build and how it is improving.

Changing how it works is done via a web interface to a database back end. So, you aren't changing fragile XML files, you are updating a database.

Building Software

Please see the bottom of this page for links to several resources. (click read more!)
Building software is a list of steps needed to take source code, images, other things called artifacts into something useful.

Critical Best Practices:
1) Software reproducibility
2) Decoupling your process from your hardware
3) Build early and often
4) Combine technology with the human process

Here is a text of a podcast from IBM and Sundeep Goel. He makes several good points.

When you actually build an application you will need to maintain it. This means even though you working on 2007.5 version of your code, somebody with 2005.2 might need you to rebuild the application.


Cost of Ownership:
How much does cost to use Perforce? That depends on how much time you current use with version control.
If used it 100%, which is impossible it would cost 36 cents/hour the first year and only 8 cents/hour after that.

Where to get it: is the link to download the server and clients. You don't pay anything to start using Perforce. When you start using it with more then 2 people, you will have to get an evaluation license from Perforce.
Mac Notes:

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