Visual Studio

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A good blog on Visual Studio is an interesting blog. I first posted the "hug a developer" video, but now I want to share the rest

Visual Studio custom command line switches is an example of making a custom switch for devenv. I really need to get to know msbuild.

Using scons with Visual Studio solution sln files. is supposedly a project that will take a perfectly good sln file and convert to one scons can use. Scons can be found here:

Microsoft Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Server


Quiescing is shutting down the services needed. Here is a link to it:
"When you are performing Team Foundation Server system servicing, such as installing a service pack or hotfix, the installer disables access to the Team Foundation Server for the duration of the servicing. This is called "quiescing" the server. After completion of the servicing, the server is reenabled, or "unquiesced". "

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