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Discusses items about Visual Studio in general.

A good blog on Visual Studio is an interesting blog. I first posted the "hug a developer" video, but now I want to share the rest

Using scons with Visual Studio solution sln files. is supposedly a project that will take a perfectly good sln file and convert to one scons can use. Scons can be found here:

The Makefile, Project, and Workspace Creator (MPC) maybe a good tool.

From above site:
"A fragile build system may preclude you from supporting diversity. Diversity in terms of platform targets for your software enables you to keep your vendor options open. Makefile, Project, and workspace Creator was originally developed by OCI to assist the ACE and TAO open source development community in supporting multi-platform software.

Developing applications that span platforms (portable code) has the beneficial side effect of producing more robust implementations. It does this by keeping your developers close to the mainstream of language features. MPC minimizes the additional cost normally associated with supporting more than one platform.

Team Settings in Visual Studio 2005

Shows how to have an entire team use the same setting. One will have to watch out for hard coded paths since one machine may have a different folder structure.

Basically, you save the settings you want to use and place them on a UNC location. Then you have your team use those settings.

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