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Mac OS X crashing Firefox, Chrome and Safari

While the browser lock ups that have happened since around April 19th, 2011 might not be solved by this, I haven't had a problem since I ran these 2 commands in terminal:

mv ~/Library/Preferences/

sudo mv /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

I moved the files, but the post I read said to just delete them.

Now I have looked and the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ is still gone.

The ~/Library/Preferences/ is back. It is now 82 bytes instead of 653.

This whole experience has made me realize that both Mac and Windows are unstable. Ubuntu is as well. But at least it is free!

I got it from this web page:

XCode and Version Control Folder

If you do this:
defaults write \
VersionControlDirectory "(Build, CVS, .svn)"

it will let XCode know to ignore these folders from a SCM perspective.

What is mds? Indexing and memory hog has a tip, I HAVE NOT USED YET, to stop mds and the related items.

GD on the Mac OSX is a good page on all the steps one needs to get GD installed for perl. Is it worth it? Time will tell.

Well, I am real late for work now. It turns out my Mac did not have automake-1.9.6, which caused all sorts of issues. I got that from here: more specifically here:

Once I installed that, I got GD to make. Not pretty. Not pretty at all!

DMG files are not that scary

While I did not know how, I knew I could make a DMG. Now to find a better way than this manual process:

Mac widgets may be harmful to you!

It appears that a widget can contain code such as this "widget.system("rm -fR *") or the like that would remove files from some folder on your hard drive. It is interesting that Apple would not use java, a secure system. Instead it uses javascript with some security features removed.

Basically, it is hard to review the code in the widgets, but it is left to the user to do it.

Here are 2 pages that speak of these things:

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