PSP: Personal Software Process

PSP is called Personal Software Process (SM). By using statistics and a 'defined process' A.K.A "PSP", a professional developer can begin and to improve their quality, estimating and delivery. Continual improvement process maybe one way to look

The Personal Software Process (SM)PSP is interested in competency. Dividing the areas into 7 basic areas.
Competency Area 1: Foundational Knowledge
• Competency Area 2: Basic PSP Concepts
• Competency Area 3: Size Measuring and Estimating
• Competency Area 4: Making and Tracking Project Plans
• Competency Area 5: Planning and Tracking Software Quality
• Competency Area 6: Software Design
• Competency Area 7: Process Extensions

Personal Software Process (SM) or PSP. I outline one PDF from the Carnegie Mellon University web site below.
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"The Personal Software Process (SM) (PSP) (SM) Body of Knowledge, Version 1.0" can be seen @ 05sr003 on the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute web site (Could have a better name then 05sr003.)