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Perforce review from the Butler Group

http://www.cmcrossroads.com/content/view/12023/726/ is a review of Perforce. It seems fair. The lack of "install models" to tame the complexity of P4 was not mentioned as a fault. It truly is. Also, they did not mention the fact it is not from Microsoft.

Google Chrome

Since it is open source, we can get the code. To start look at: http://dev.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/getting-started is a link for developers.

It is for Windows only for now. The have an plug in for Visual Studio. It would be nice to have an eclipse section.

These commands will get it via the command line interface:
wget http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/archives/chromium.tgz
wget http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/archives/depot_tools_win.zip

The source code is 437 M. The depot tools is much smaller.

Google Chrome announced. Another browser choice

Google Chrome Comic is really a comic strip about the new browser call Chrome.

For now http://www.google.com/chrome is the supposed home for this site. It gives a file not found. So, they still have more releasing to do!

Based on webkit as well as other open source projects. At the end of the comic Google seems to be taking a jab at Microsoft. They certainly could have created a closed and proprietary new browser. While never mentioning Microsoft by name, what other browser is proprietary? None that I can think off.

If they can make money off of open source projects, Microsoft should find out how. Also, they should port Developers Studio over to the Mac.

Chrome will be coming soon!

Hug a developer, but only if your boss says to do it!

http://develop-one.net/blog/2008/08/27/HugADeveloper.aspx is a sad video, since it is so true.

Visual Studio custom command line switches

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/macros/SimpleSwitchFramework.aspx is an example of making a custom switch for devenv. I really need to get to know msbuild.

Dependency chart for C++ code

http://flourish.org/cinclude2dot/ is a web site that hosts a perl script to create a dependency chart for C++ code.

Build Understanding Document

Having an agreement between developers and the build team will keep everyone's expectations in check.

Below should be the minimum of any document.

You need at least these items:
What output is expected?

What setup is needed?

What input will be used?
VCS: Branch? Modules?

Line counting in Windows

SET /A LINES=0 && FOR /F "usebackq" %L IN (`dir /s/ad/b`) DO @SET /A LINES=!LINES!+1

Will show you a poor excuse for the "wc -l" function.

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