Luntbuild: Getting the right code

You can get the java installer easily at sourceforge or javaforge. You need SVN to get the source code. Since it is an open source project any joe can get the code. The instructions on forgot the trunk part! This downloads every version of luntbuild ever! The key is to use the "trunk" as I do here:

svn --username anonymous --password anon co

notice the "trunk" at the end. I got "trunk/luntbuild/distribute/luntbuild-1.5.5dev-installer.jar" from the trunk branch "HEAD".

Finally, you run:

ant clean installer

Besides some broken links to the API and some holes in the documentation, the thing works.

I have the least experience in SVN as any source code control tool. A tag for version was not found. I maybe mistaken about that, but it isn't that easy to find.