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Arcane but useful FOR command on Windows

Shows the importance of using usebackq on the command line! Quote it of course. If you use "usebackq " then you can run a command such as `dir /a- /s/b' and parse it.

Using luntbuild with apache tomcat.

It seems clear after you think about it but at first it is confusing. Where does Luntbuild place it files like when you export the build setup or database backup? Well it does it off the Luntbuild install folder unless you specify an absolute path.

The war file is different. That resides in the Tomcat install folder. So, you have to redeploy the luntbuild.war file to change it. Yes, you could change running server code in the luntbuild folder, but that would violate some production guideline for sure!

So you build with the build.xml and ant. We will see.

Tomcat start up script

export CATALINA_HOME=/usr/local/apache-tomcat-6.0.14
export JAVA_HOME=/usr
if [ $1 == 'start' ]
then $CATALINA_HOME/bin/
else $CATALINA_HOME/bin/

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