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MSFT Powershell

As you, the loyal reader of my blog, know, I love the DOS "FOR" command. Yet today I found out about MSFT's "Power Shell". You can see "Getting Started with Windows Power Shell" here:

Microsoft Virtual PC

seems to be a free virtualization tool. I haven't looked into it, but I found out about it from the Visual Build Professional site. ( ) I found that site from a banner ad on

Yet another Continuous Integration Website (YACIW)

What is of note is they have videos! I have yet to see them, but I am from the TV generation.

Backup software using Amazon S3

I got this site from I got to from here:

I do not have a digg account, but maybe one day.

I am interested in back up software that works on my Mac.

Currently, I use but that is for Windows only.

Encryption for Window/Linux is software security for notebooks and other hard drives

A GUI front end for NAnt was a site I was looking at I know want to investigate this

It would be nice to know all the configurations and targets in these solution files.

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